Backup and Recovery

A reliable backup solution should be a part of every computer setup.

Backups are an insurance policy against viruses and spyware:

Antivirus software is important to use – but it is not always 100% effective.  If your PC becomes infected, it can corrupt your files and compromise your privacy.

What would happen if all your photos and important files become corrupted?  With regular backups, you will probably never find out.

Backups protect against hardware failure:

Computers are more reliable than ever before, but eventually all computer hard drives fail.

It is difficult to predict hardware failures.  It could be tomorrow, or it could be in the next 10 years.

The very best preventative measure is doing regular backups.

Backups protect against user error:

Have you ever deleted an important file you wanted to get back?

Has a friend or family member accidentally lost your files or crashed your computer?

With regular backups, these problems are much easier to fix.

Backups protect against theft and disaster:

An off site backup solution is your insurance policy for data protection.

If your computer is stolen or destroyed in a fire or flood, you can easily retrieve your backup and continue doing business virtually uninterrupted.

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