Diagnostics and Repairs

Does your computer have problems with speed and reliability?  Is it just not running the way you want?

Call the PC Medic of Vermont for a reliable solution.  You will get all your questions answered and often save hundreds of dollars by repairing your current equipment.

During your appointment, the PC Medic will first determine what is wrong with your equipment and then work with you to find the best solutions to your problems.

Common problems the PC Medic of Vermont can fix:

  • Expired virus or spyware protection
  • Computer won’t turn on at all
  • Microsoft Windows will not load
  • Screen is blank
  • Screen is frozen
  • Computer is unresponsive or locks up
  • Pop-up advertisements
  • Slow computer performance
  • Poor wireless network coverage
  • Poor wireless network speeds
  • Slow Internet speeds
  • Dropped internet connections
  • Computer won’t print
To schedule an appointment, contact The PC Medic at 802-734-6815 or visit our Appointment page for more information.