PC and Network Security

Why security should be your top priority:

  1. Securing your computers and wireless network  is a great way to avoid trouble.
  2. New PC’s and wireless routers are not configured securely out of the box.

If you have a new computer, let The PC Medic get things set up and secured for you. The PC Medic will make sure your new computer has layered protection – spyware & virus protection, & cleanup utilities, to keep things running smoothly.

For businesses, having strong security measures in place will prevent your important client information from being compromised.

For individuals, improving security measures can prevent most identity theft and hacking attempts.

How the PC Medic can help:

  • Configure new equipment securely to safeguard your information
  • Install software firewalls
  • Test networks for known vulnerabilities
  • Test computers for known vulnerabilities
  • Secure wireless routers against unauthorized use/access
  • Clearly explain the findings and provide reliable solutions
To schedule an appointment, contact The PC Medic at 802-734-6815 or visit our Appointment page for more information.